Robotic Creations with Atlanta Robotics

Do you need motor control for a robotic or animatronic application?

Atlanta Robotics LLC is a company with simple goals, TO MAKE ROBOTS AND HAVE FUN DOING IT. Do you wish you did your hobby for a living?  That is why I started Atlanta Robotics LLC, to do what I love for a career and to create a business where any robotic idea can become a reality.  At Atlanta Robotics we love to build and play with anything robotic.  Atlanta Robotics specializes in motors and motion control applications.  We are slowly building product inventory and a knowledge database to support any and all of your small to medium size robotic and motor applications.

Our main focus is on developing motor control modules and drives for purchase through our web store  We currently do NOT do contract work at this time.  The type of motor control applications we are designing for range from robots the size of a Roomba Vaccuum cleaners to a fully motorized wheel chair.

Who is Atlanta Robotics?

Who are you putting your faith in?

I come from a military background. I was an aircraft mechanic for the US Navy for 4.5 years where I learned several mechanical engineering traits and troubleshooting skills in the late 90's. The fundamental discipline that the military brands into each of its servicemen has gratefully stuck with me throughout my life. 

After the Navy I worked full time for Raytheon Aerospace then L3 Communications while I put myself through college. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology. I graduated with Magna Cum laude honor status. I am currently attending Southern Polytech State University for my Masters in Electrical Engineering Technology. I still play an active role at my Alma Mater, SPSU volunteering my time as an industrial advisory board member and as an assistant in the PCB pick and place lab.

My day job is also just as fun as any robotic application you may have. I am an automation robotics/controls engineer. I design, program and build large scale automated robotic industrial equipment Monday through Friday. I have been enjoying my work as an engineer for almost 10 years now. 

I am an active participating member of the Atlanta Hobby Robotics Club which allows me to play with and design new robotic creations with my fellow roboticists. I volunteer for FIRST Robotics team, which gives me an opportunity to pass along the wonderful world of robotics to some fresh minds. 

Why you should choose Atlanta Robotics LLC.

Well if you're hoping to hire someone with a long history of sales with an output of 10,000 widgets a year, you are in the wrong place.  Atlanta Robotics LLC is a one man shop and a one stop shop. I can beat almost anyone's price because most of the cost is straight engineering and manufacturing. Atlanta Robotics currently has very little overhead expenses in administrative and operational costs.

If you have an idea questions please send me an email at:

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