Decade  Resistance  PCB

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Decade Resistance PCB 0Ω-1MΩ

Part number 120065

This decade resistance PCB is capable of providing 0Ω-1MΩ of resistance at 1% accuracy in increments of 1Ω.  The PCB measures 3.4”W by 2.5”L.  The PCB come with 3 different ways to hook up your wires: male 0.1” header, female 0.1” header, and a flying lead spring cage connection.

This can be ordered two different ways:

1. COMPLETE: Completely built and soldered ready to use for $40.

2. PARTIAL: Surface mount resistors come soldered to the board only and you have to solder the through hole components for $30.  Through hole components are supplied.

Click here for video: tutorial on surface mount soldering.

Click here for quick tips on soldering your Decade Resistance PCB

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$30.00 - $40.00

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Dave Jones EEVblog video review of the
Decade Resistance PCB
(review starts a 11min 47sec)


(from datasheet)

The Decade Resistance PCB consists of the following key components:

  • Rotary Switche 1 POL 10 POS D SHAFT (PN# SR2513F-0110-19F0A-T-N, Alpha)
  • Knobs SOFT TCH D SH GY/YL (PN# 450-4662, Eagle Plastic Devices)
  • Spring Cage Fixed Terminal Blocks PTS 1,5/ 2-5,0-H (PN# 1792863, Phoenix Contact)
EAGLE FILES Schematics and EagleCAD files are available for download HERE.   

DATASHEET: Click HERE for Decade Resistance PCB datasheet download. 

BOM: Click HERE for Decade Resistance bill of materials download.

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