Dual  H-bridge  Motor  Drive

This part number is discontinued and has been replaced by the improved version.
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Automotive Dual H-Bridge DC Motor Driver

Part number 120052

Full Bridge Motor Driver
Based on STMicroelectronic's VNH2SP30-E
30 Amps 16 Volts

This dual motor driver is based off of the ST Microelectronics VNH2SP30-E integrated H-Bridge motor driver chip. The VNH2SP30TR-E chip from ST Microelectronics is designed for the automotive industry and greatly used in 12 volt window motor control.  30 Amps max at 16 Volts.  This board give you access to all the capabilities the chip offers.  Click here for datasheet.   

The quick overview:

  • 5V logic level compatible inputs      
  • Undervoltage and overvoltage shut-down (5.5V-16V) 
  • Overvoltage clamp             
  • Thermal shut down             
  • Cross-conduction protection            
  • Linear current limiter        
  • Very low stand-by power consumption          
  • PWM operation up to 20 kHz           
  • Protection against loss of ground and loss of VCC        
  • Current sense output proportional to motor current  
  • Reverse polarity hookup protection
  • Optional chip heatsink       
  • Brake to ground or brake to VCC     
  • Motor power supply is all that is required (<16 VDC). Board includes a 5 volt regulator and can provide up to 1A of 5 VDC power for attaching TTL peripherals.

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(from STMicroelectronic's datasheet)

The VNH2SP30-E is a full bridge motor driver intended for a wide range of applications. The device incorporates a dual monolithic high side driver and two low side switches. The high side driver switch is designed using STMicroelectronic’s well known and proven proprietary VIPower™ M0 technology which permits efficient integration on the same die of a true Power MOSFET with an intelligent signal/protection circuitry. The low side switches are vertical MOSFETs manufactured using STMicroelectronic’s proprietary EHD (‘STripFET™’) process. This package, specifically designed for the harsh automotive environment offers improved thermal performance thanks to exposed die pads. The input signals INA and INB can directly interface to the microcontroller to select the motor direction and the brake condition. The DIAGA/ENA or DIAGB/ENB, when connected to an external pull-up resistor, enables one leg of the bridge. They also provide a feedback digital diagnostic signal. The motor current can be monitored with the CS pin by delivering a current proportional to its value. The speed of the motor can be controlled in all possible conditions by the PWM up to 20 kHz. In all cases, a low level state on the PWM pin will turn off both the LSA and LSB switches. When PWM rises to a high level, LSA or LSB turn on again depending on the input pin state.

The PCB measures 3.3”W by 2.5”L .  The onboard 7805 chip allows for 5V power utilization for peripheral support.  The 5 volt regulator can be disabled by removing the jumper from JP1.  This driver board gives you access to all the features that the chip has to offer.  The green power LED indicates that there is 5V power and motor power available.  The red and blue LEDs indicate that motor voltage is being pulsed out of the motor pins (motor should be moving when red or blue LEDs are lit).

The Automotive Dual H-Bridge DC Motor Driver consists of the following key components:

  • Automotive fully integrated H-Bridge motor driver (PN# VNH2SP30TR-E, ST Microelectronics)
    • http://www.st.com/internet/com/TECHNICAL_RESOURCES/TECHNICAL_LITERATURE/DATASHEET/CD00043711.pdf
  • MOSFT 30V 56A (PN# IRFR3707ZTRLPBF, International Rectifier)
    • http://www.irf.com/product-info/datasheets/data/irfr3707.pdf
  • Zener Diode (PN# BZT52H-C18,115 NXP Semiconductor)
    • http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/BZT52H_SER.pdf
  • DC/DC Switching Controllers 5V, 1A (PN# SP7805V2-L/TR) Exar
    •  http://www.exar.com/ 

EAGLE FILES:  Schematics and EagleCAD files are available for download HERE.  

ARDUINO CODE Sample code for programming for driving two motors with the Automotive Dual H-Bridge DC Motor Driver on an Arduino microcontroller can be downloaded HERE.  

DATASHEET: Click HERE for Automotive Dual H-Bridge DC Motor Driver datasheet download.

VIDEO: Click HERE to see a video on using the Dual H-Bridge DC Motor Driver.

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