R4 - Reconfigured Robot Rally Roomba

This is an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner model 4110 that has been gutted. All of the vacuum and other non-necessary components have been removed and usable components cannibalized. This Roomba has been reconfigured to compete in this year's Robot Rally hosted by the Atlanta Hobby Robot Club, www.botlanta.org. The R4 Build Report can be downloaded here. This is just a preliminary report and will be continually updated. I am documenting everything I have done so others can duplicate it. This report is from the 2011 competition.  The current version of R4 is very different and much better.  Hopefully I will have the newest build report up by the end of the year.  
The Robot Rally Reborn Roomba.pdf  

The Arduino code is always getting modified.  Click here is last years competition code.  I will post the newest code after I compete this year.

You can see some videos of it on my YouTube Channel If you have any questions about how I did something you can email me at: jebadiah.moulton@atlanta-robotics.com.

Advanced Line Follower competition at the 2011 Robot Rally 

Bulldozer competition at the 2011 Robot Rally 

Dead Reckoning competition at the 2011 Robot Rally

Beacon Killer at the 2011 Robot Rally

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